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Security Fencing

We Provide High-quality Solutions For Security Fencing And Access Systems

Our extensive range of security fencing is designed to provide safety and protection for commercial properties, schools and residential homes. Whether you prefer cold-rolled steel, welded mesh panels or decorative railings, our choice of premium-quality security fencing and convenient access systems are designed to secure the perimeter of your property, protect your people and belongings and give you peace of mind.

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Security Fencing For Kent Businesses And Schools

Businesses and schools in Kent can help protect children and staff by installing premium-quality security fencing that can’t be beaten. Our extensive range of protective solutions and security access systems provide you with an effective perimeter that ensures your property cannot be penetrated.

For business properties, we recommend high vertical bars that are impossible to climb. Metal railings can also include a decorative design to enhance the public image of your brand and help to make the security fencing aesthetically pleasing for your employees.

Vertical bar fencing is ideal for small businesses operating from townhouses. They serve as an alternative to steel palisade fencing and give you far more protection thanks to the welded tamper proof fixings.

Welded meshing made from high-quality steel and coated with zinc aluminium for extra strength is ideal for schools, sports centres and businesses stationed in industrial estates. Reinforced welded meshing is super strong and rigid, and unlike traditional link-fencing cannot be scaled or cut through.

For added protection, we can also build in an access system that fortifies your perimeter and enhances the effect of your security fencing solution. Access gates can be controlled by your mobile phone for added convenience or an intercom system for heightened security.

Security Fencing To Protect Residential Properties

Security fencing for your home is your first line of defence to keep burglars at bay. Thieves typically target homes that are easy to break into and many return to properties they’ve breached before – especially if the security has not been upgraded!

Sheds and garages are deemed easy targets because they are relatively easy to break into. If you park your car on the drive and don’t have a gate, you’re inviting a thief to steal your vehicle.

Installing protective fencing acts as a deterrent that helps to make burglars think twice about intruding on your property. Our security fences are available in a wide range of choices or we can custom-design your vision.

We highly recommend metal railings for residential properties; either wrought iron or galvanised steel is the most ideal. Metal is easy to maintain and because it’s a versatile material, our specialist welders can enhance your security fencing with an extensive choice of decorative designs including contemporary, modern and Victorian.

Not only that, but the decorative elements we build into metal fencing solutions also serve as excellent security features. Ideal for securing the perimeter of your property, a choice of spikes on the top makes metal security fencing very difficult to climb over and does not provide would-be thieves with an easy escape route.

Wire meshing is an alternative option if cost is a priority. Whilst wire meshing is not as eye-catching as metal railings, they are difficult to cut through or climb over and provide a far better security fencing solution than traditional chain-link fences.

For added protection, we can also build in mobile-operated automated gates that enhance the effectiveness of your security fencing solution and makes coming and going convenient.

Excellent Customer Service

With our extensive range of top-quality security fencing, we are confident you will make the right choice for your property. And if you’re not sure which type of security fencing is the best option for you, just ask our friendly team and we will happily explain your options.

Not only that, but we provide you with a detailed CAD drawing so you can visualise how the security fencing will look once it’s installed around the perimeter of your property. Our customers always find this a highly useful service for making an informed decision.

With our extensive choice of premium security fencing together with our exceptional welding services, Creative Ironworks is the best choice for security fencing in Kent.

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Area of Coverage

For the very best in Security fencing, contact Creative Ironworks. We cover the main Kent Towns of Ashford, Folkestone, Dover, Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Sittingbourne, Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, and Tonbridge Wells.

We also install Security fencing in Surrey, Essex, Sussex, London and the South East in general. For bespoke Security fencing Kent & beyond, contact Creative Ironworks.

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Creative Ironworks manufacture, supply and install Security Fencing to commercial and residential properties in Kent.

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